You Can Now Fix Your Broken Infinix Zero Screen For Free


The performance of the Infinix Zero smartphone was has been very impressive after selling over 20,000 units in less than two months. This statement was confirmed by the officials of Infinix Mobility during a private media brief held in Ikeja yesterday, the company released two versions of the Infinix Zero, first the 1GB RAM version with 8GB internal storage which got sold out few weeks into commencement of sale and a second version which bags a 2GB RAM with 16GB internal storage which is on sale on

Infinix is now offering a 6 months warranty on the screen of the Infinix Zero and a free OTA (Over the Air) update for the device so that users can have the latest update to softwares and improvement to primary applications on the phone.

The company states that when a customer accidentally breaks the screen of the device, you can get it fixed for free as long as it still falls within the six months warranty period, this is an impressive move for me because getting a fix for the Gorilla glass will cost nothing less than N12,000.

The OTA updates delivers new software updates wirelessly to the device via WiFi or mobile network. The new software update to the Infinix Zero is about 22Mb of data and to do this, you get into the device menu and click the System Update app. From there you can check if a new software version is available or not. If it is available, you can download and then install.


Other product offering include a bundle sale offer of the Infinix Zero with a protective jacket and a screen protector. This offer will save you less compared to when you have to buy the accessories separately.  Infinix has also made available three kinds of screen covers (screen protector), The King Kong popularly known as the privacy screen protector which prevents someone staying beside from seeing what is happening on your screen, there is also an anti-crash which gives the screen more protection from accidental crash while the third type prevents finger does not allow finger prints distort the screen….. at least we know that the Infinix is a finger print magnet so I think this should serve as a holy grail.

These new service offering is a huge step ahead because hardly can you get am OEM offering warranty on screens except for Samsung which has ADH for its high end devices. The company says it aims not stop at selling devices to customers but to also continue to add new features, provide value added and support services that will ensure adequate customer satisfaction.

Fix Your Broken Infinix Zero Screen for Free

Sometimes the sale exclusivity with Konga makes me wonder how many offline customers the company would be losing out to competitors. For example my mum likes the Infinix Zero and she doesn’t do anything online, what if she walks into a phone store….. well the news is that you can actually get the phone in some phone stores but it will come at an extra charge of N2,000. So lets say you intend to buy the 2GB RAM version in a store in computer village you will have to pay N25,900 as compared to the N23,900 it is being sold on Konga.

Looking into the future for Infinix, am sure they would want to leverage on the success of the Zero, then continue to push out more exciting products that offer great value at a very affordable cost. Now do not say I told you……..The Infinix Zero 2 is coming but don’t ask me when to expect it.

So if you have cracked your Zero screen, wait no further!! Just rush to the nearest Carlcare office around you to get it fixed for FREEEE..