6 Creative ways to organize your small apartment


Life can be frustrating in a small apartment especially when you have much things to fit into the apartment. But even if you live in a studio, that doesn’t mean your bed is a dining room table or your bathroom is a home office.

Instead, take full advantage of the space you do have by carefully selecting the items you bring into your home — the more multi-functional, the better. From bedroom furniture to baskets, there are plenty of ways to buy or DIY your way to a neater home.

Here are ways to make good use of your small space.

1.Use of clothing racks

Small apartments literally means lack of  closet space. clothing racks are a great way of arranging and creating space. It can also be used as a room divided.

2. Bed Risers

In small apartments, it’s important to take advantage of vertical space when floor space is minimal. Bed risers free up room under your bed for clothing storage or some other things.

3. Use of Baskets of any kind

They fit close to the beds or wall, on closet shelves or under nightstands and can be used for  storing accessories, socks, underwear or other small items.

4. Invest in a built-in Bed storage(Drawers)

Invest in pieces of furniture that serve multiple purposes if you know you are going to stay longer in your small apartment . And if you’re bedroom is tinier than a normal person’s closet then you’ll want to make the most of the few items you can fit like bed linens and shoes. Store your off-season clothes or spare blankets and pillows for overnight guests.

5.Use a vinyl shoe organizer to stash important items.

Can be hung anywhere in the room, be it on the wall, back of the door, anywhere at all. you can use it to stash virtually everything from your make ups, kitchen wares and of course shoes. Its an easy way to keep all your items your likely to misplace in one spot especially for the ladies.

6. Creative Shelving

Create a unique shelve somewhere on the wall. It can even be above your bed. Use in keeping your books and any other thing you think can fit in there.

So many ways to keep your small apartment livable. No matter how small it is, like we all say these days “its all about packaging”. You don’t need all the money in the world to be organized. Don’t despise your humble beginning.