LIST: Top 10 Countries You Probably Didn’t Know Exist!!

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The they say, is a global village but in reality it is so big a lot of people don’t even know some countries exist on this earth.

We bet you didn’t know that these countries exist.


1The Republic Of Lakotah

This country is located in the middle of the United States. It stretches over 1,600 kilometers and it is the homeland of the Lakota Sioux, an ancient tribe who lived there long before European colonial settlers. The rights to land was given to the Lakota Sioux in 1868 when they signed a treaty with the American government known as the treaty of Laramie.

Legally and by treaty a semi-autonomous “nation” within the United States, the Lakota Sioux are represented locally by officials elected to councils for the several reservations and communities in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska. They are represented on the state and national level by the elected officials from the political districts of their respective states and Congressional Districts. Band or reservation members living both on and off the individual reservations are eligible to vote in periodic elections for that reservation. Each reservation has a unique local government style and election cycle based on its own constitution or articles of incorporation. Most follow a multi-member tribal council model with a chairman or president elected directly by the voters.